Unlimited Personal Training Official Launch – Monday 1st June 2015

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Our Unlimited Personal Training in Parramatta has recently launched at Back to Basics Health and Exercise and is fast becoming one of the most popular programs we now offer. This unique structure to group personal training gives our clients the opportunity to train when they want and as often as required in order to achieve their health and fitness goals.

The unlimited training program requires our trainers to work with up to a maximum of four clients each session, which has enabled us to significantly reduce the cost of personal training to you. This means you could be paying as little as $17 per session for expert advise, progress tracking, continual motivation, regular supervision and a strong support network. You will be exercising in confidence knowing that our highly qualified personal trainers are keeping a close eye on you during your session.

Why Choose our Unlimited Personal Training Program?

  • pay one weekly fee, train as often as you likeunlimited-personal-training
  • invited to join our multiple support networks
  • nutritional tracking and advise
  • program is goal orientated and results driven
  • exercise with motivated like minded people
  • sessions are only 45 minutes

Our unlimited personal training program is endorsed and heavily influenced by our exercise physiologists who retain an up to date knowledge of evidence based practice. Members will be working out under the supervision of our most experience coaches who will ensure you are exercising outside of your comfort zone and squeezing in the extra work when it really counts. Members tend to see significant reduction in adipose tissue (fat loss) by engaging in a minimum of three group personal training and one team training sessions each week. This means that you could be on track to achieving your goals by committing to only three hours of exercise per week.

Unlimited Access to our Team Training Sessions

Our team training sessions form an integral part of our unlimited group personal training program and are at no additional cost to you. Team training significantly benefits our unlimited members as the exercise sessions are completely varied to their usual routine providing the necessary stimulus to promote change. The workouts are innovative and follow a strict programming formula allowing you to exercise in confidence knowing you are on track to achieving your health and fitness goals.unlimited-training-parramatta

This team building exercise session runs for 45 minutes with multiple class times available every week. Unlimited personal training members will have exclusive access to join us during our team training sessions. We strongly recommend participating in at least one team training session on a weekly basis.

Training Schedule  TIMETABLE

Our unlimited personal training schedule has multiple sessions available for you to reserve your training times. Sessions are offered during peak times so you have the availability to get your workout done before or after work. We also offer lunch hour sessions allowing Parramatta corporates the option complete their exercise during work hours.


Unlimited members are able make online bookings for unlimited group personal training and team training sessions. All sessions are by appointment only and must be booked in prior to your attendance at the clinic. As our unlimited program only allows a maximum of four members per group session we ask that you commit to your requested training time. If you are unable to make your appointment time, a minimum of 24 hours notice is expected for unlimited personal training bookings. This enables us to offer the session to another member who may be on our reschedule list for that particular day.

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Unlimited Personal Training Parramatta
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