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Personal Trainer Parramatta

Our personal training programs at Back to Basics Health and Exercise are designed to provide you with a unique experience whether you choose to train one-on-one or sign up for our unlimited training. Our personal trainers possess the knowledge and skills to assist you in developing a comprehensive personal fitness program guiding you in the right direct to ensure a positive outcome is attained.

During your initial exercise session, your trainer will take you through a range of fitness assessments relevant to the goals you are aspiring to achieve. Some of the primary assessments you will complete include; body composition, girth measurements, multiple strength tests, aerobic capacity, specific range of motion testing, identifying postural imbalances and addressing any abnormal movement patterns. You will then be introduced to your personal fitness program while having your progress continually monitored from week to week. Our personal trainers pride themselves on your success and will give you all the tools necessary to make positive sustainable lifestyle modifications.

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