Back to Basics Health and Exercise also offers outdoor personal training sessions in select locations around Parramatta Park and other local parks. Although our exercise facility is semi private we understand that not everyone excels exercising in a studio setting using regular gym equipment.

Our outdoor training sessions give our experienced personal trainers the ability to be even more creative when structuring your exercise session. Many of the local parks are now geared up with some basic equipment which allows us to incorporate numerous types of upper and lower limb body weight exercises into your session.

Our exercise professionals use multiple training modalities to continually engage and challenge clients maintaining their interest and motivation. Our sessions are founded on the following four principles: dynamic and specific warm up, core focused exercise, strength and power training followed by flexibility targeting postural imbalances. In order to achieve these key focus areas, trainers will incorporate a variety of functional movement, interval training, strength training using body weight and kettlebells, medicine balls, bosu, fitball, power bands, boxing, kick boxing and more.

Benefits of Outdoor Personal TrainingOutdoor personal training Parramatta

  • maximise your results in a realistic time frame
  • actually achieve your short and long term goals
  • develop a structured physical activity routine
  • regular accountability checks to keep you on track
  • access to nutritional education and support networks
  • implement correct movement patterns and technique
  • injury prevent and exercise rehabilitation
  • sports specific training

Pre and Post Fitness Assessments

Prior to engaging in any form of exercise your trainer will conduct a thorough medical and physical activity screening to identify any health parameters that may need addressing prior to commencing in regular exercise. Once your exercise professional is satisfied that you have met all the mandatory health requirements you will be taken through a comprehensive fitness assessment relevant to your medical history and goals.

Our fitness assessment involves assessing your biometric data including body composition, weight, body mass index (BMI), waist to hip ratio (WHR) and more. Additional testing includes specific flexibility testing (range or motion), cardiovascular capacity and strength tests, which gives us a baseline measure to compare future assessments.

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Outdoor Personal Training
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