Back to Basics Health and Exercises offers a unique experience to one-on-one personal training in Parramatta, where the focus is entirely on you. Our personal training sessions are mainly held in our private exercise facility making your training experience even more personalised.

You will gain access to multiple support networks where you will be supplied with regular feedback and education to keep you on track towards achieving your health and fitness goals. Unlike commercial gyms, we offer a supportive, non threatening and uncrowded facility where everyone is welcOne on One Personal Trainingoming and knows your name.

One on One Personal Training: Investing in Your Health

  • prevent the onset of many lifestyle related disease
  • new to a gym setting? Learn the fundamentals
  • reached a plateau? Updated your program
  • improve your weight lifting technique
  • achieve your short and long term goals
  • take your training to the next level
  • clients educated on the importance of diet and nutrition
  • sessions always offer a great variety of exercise

Personalised Exercise Regime

Our personal trainers at Back to Basics Health and Exercise will provide you with expert advise and ensure you are consistently progressing week to week. Prior to implementing any exercise program, your trainer will take into account your specific health and fitness goals, allocated timeframe to achieve these goals, exercise preferences, current exercise behaviours and discuss time management. Our exercise programs are extremely effective and tailored to each individuals needs. Your trainer will ensure you remain compliant and accountable as this plays a crucial role in the overall outcome of your goals and success.

Constant Support and Motivation

Our one on one personal trainers understand the importance of mindset when it comes to achieving health and fitness goals. Clients will experience a range of intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) motivators during their journey towards a healthier lifestyle. We will continuously work with you to develop a positive intrinsically focused mindset, which will help you sustain your success long term.

 What separates us from other exercise facilities?

  • train with our university qualified accredited exercise physiologists (AEP’s) and personal trainers
  • receive professional and expert advice to determine the best solution for your needs
  • you may be eligible for health fund rebates processed via HICAPS immediately
  • complete pre and post exercise assessments to measure your progress
  • exercising around an acute or chronic injury? We can assist you with your recovery
  • our exercise facility is privately owned and operated. We are not a commercial gym
  • no membership is required to participate in personal training sessions
  • we pride ourselves on your success

Our Commitment to You

Our exercise professionals are dedicated to providing you with all the necessary tools that you will require to make a positive change to your current lifestyle. We will help you become responsible for your actions week in and out, by putting the tools in place to help you overcome daily obstacles. You may only be spending two to three hours per week with your coach and therefore need to understand that your actions during the remaining 165 hours each week will significantly influence the outcome of your health and exercise goals. We believe that the four steps to success include focusing on the following factors: exercise, nutrition, emotions and education.

  • all exercise is completed in a controlled environment under constant supervision
  • functional exercise prescription to maximise the effects of your session
  • provide a support network and extrinsic motivation
  • holding you accountable for your actions
  • include a variety of sessions
  • monitor your progress

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One on One Personal Training Parramatta
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