Pilates Classes

  • Pilates was originally developed in the 20th century by Joseph Pilates to assist injured athletes in their return to sport. He believed that both mental and physical health were interrelated. The Pilates offered at Back to Basics® Health and Exercise consists of a series of floor based exercises to assist our clientele with their rehabilitation or general conditioning. The key principle behind the methodology of pilates is to develop core strength and stability by using a variety of over 500 movements to ensure this is achieved efficiently.

    Our pilates classes in Parramatta cater for individuals who suffer from incontinence, recovery from abdominal separation (post natal), chronic lower back pain, poor pelvic stability and post operative hip replacements. This form of exercise is a fantastic way to get moving and commence your journey to a healthier you. All of our pilates instructors are specialists in their area of expertise and have had many years of teaching experience. The Pilates system allows for all exercises to be modified for different levels of fitness ranging from beginners to advanced individuals.

    Benefits of PilatesPilates_Classes_Parramatta

    • improved posture
    • increased flexibility
    • enhanced core function and trunk stability
    • improved muscular balance
    • improved physical coordination and balance
    • safe rehabilitation of joint and spinal injuries
    • reduced risk of musculoskeletal injury
    • improvement in overall strength
    • controlled breathing under muscle contraction

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    Our floor based Pilates classes are held at Back to Basics® Health and Exercise located in Parramatta. Our facility is privately operated and provides a non threatening clinical setting. Majority of our classes run for 60 minutes with a maximum of 12 participants in one class at any given time. This enables our instructors to give each individual a little extra attention to ensure they are producing a high standard of exercise maximising their results. To maximise the benefits of pilates we recommend you attend a couple of classes each week in conjunction with an aerobic and strength training program. Back to Basics Health and Exercise has a number of classes available, which run for 30 to 60 minutes in duration. Please contact our friendly staff on 9687 7385 to book in your next class!

    Prior to Commencing Pilates

    • for hygiene reason, please ensure you supply your own towel (some available for hire)
    • all participants will be required to complete a pre exercise questionnaire
    • wear appropriate attire to perform exercise
    • bring sufficient hydration


    • all abdominal exercises performed during the class are done in a controlled environment under qualified supervision
    • if you are currently suffering from lower back pain and would like to participate in Pilates, please contact one of our Exercise Physiologists prior to engaging in exercise.
    • prior to start of class, please inform the instructor if you have any injuries, illness or any chance of being pregnant


    Pilates Classes
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