Our exercise physiology clinic initial consultations are designed to fully assess a patient’s current ability to commence physical activity. The type of assessment patients are required to complete can vary depending on the type of condition they present with. Generally patients will receive a couple of exercises to commence with until they undergo a follow up consultation. During the initial consultation you will undergo any of the following types of assessments:

  • detailed medical and exercise historyFitness_Health_Assessment
  • anthropometry measurements
  • body composition
  • blood pressure
  • blood glucose levels (BGL)
  • resting heart rate (RHR)
  • cardiovascular assessment
  • repetition maximum (10RM) strength tests
  • specific core stability and strength tests
  • functional assessments
  • graded balance assessments
  • range of motion (flexibility).

Based on the results from the initial consultation our Exercise Physiologist will determine the most appropriate course of treatment that you will be required to engage in. You may also be eligible to join our strength clinic program that is available within our practice. After the initial consultation patients are required to schedule a follow up appointment. This appointment is primarily used to integrate the exercise program specially designed for each patient, using exercise therapy to treat and manage their condition. Patients that commence exercising within our strength clinic often receive a home based exercise program to supplement their program completed at Back to Basics Health and Exercise.

Anyone new to Back to Basics Health and Exercise will be required to complete an Exercise Physiology initial consultation pre exercise screening form. This allows us to determine your suitability to commence immediate exercise and whether you present with any contraindications that may be harmful to you. As your health is our primary concern, we may require a medical clearance from your doctor. You will be notified, prior to engaging in any form of exercise, if this is the case. You will need to allocate approximately 45 minutes for initial consultations and 30 minutes for standard consultations.

Should I bring anything to my appointment?

Prior to attending your appointment please ensure you have prepared the following:

  • if possible, complete our initial consultation form to save you time
  • wear appropriate exercise attire that does not restrict your movement
  • enclosed shoes must be worn at all times
  • bring adequate hydration as you will be required to engage in some form of physical activity
  • any documentation relating to your health

Medicare Referrals

The Medicare allied health plan allows people with chronic disease who are being managed by their general practitioner (GP) under a Chronic Disease Management (CDM) plan to access Medicare rebates for allied health services. In order for you to be eligible to receive a Medicare rebate you must provide Back to Basics Health and Exercise with the following items:

  1. GP Management Plan GPMP – Item 721 or 732 (review)
  2. Team Care Arrangements TCAs Item 723 or 732 (review)
  3. Enhanced Primary Care EPC Plan Form
  4. Group Allied Health Services FORM under Medicare for Type 2 Diabetics

Under the allied health scheme health professionals are required to regularly report back to your doctor so they are aware of the treatment you are receiving and expected outcomes of that treatment. Please note, your general practitioner will determine whether you are eligible to be referred on the EPC plan.

Doctors will require the following information in order to complete the GPMP and TCA forms:

Name of ClinicBack to Basic Health & Exercise
Care ProviderExercise Physiologist
Address273 Church St PARRAMATTA NSW 2150
ContactPh. 9687 7385Fax. 9687 6037

We also welcome patients from Department of Veterans Affairs (DVA), provide rehabilitation treatment for individuals suffering from work related injury (Workcover) and compulsory third party claims (CTP).

Please select the link for a copy of our exercise physiology initial consultation form for your convenience. Completed forms should be returned to bookings@healthandexercise.com.au. You have 3 options for completing this form:

  1. completed forms returned via email
  2. print the PDF, complete it in your own time and bring it to your initial session
  3. arrive five to ten minute prior to your appointment to complete the form within our clinic

Health Fund Rebates

Evidence based clinical studies have significantly contributed to exercise based intervention becoming a widely accepted method of treatment for chronic diseases. This has led to Medicare acknowledging Exercise Physiology as an allied health treatment service, which has resulted in many private health funds also offering generous rebates.

The level of cover with your private health fund will determine how much rebate you are eligible for. Some health funds also partly cover gym memberships, pilates and yoga classes. You can contact your health fund provider for further information.






Strength Clinic – New Patient Information

Prior to participating in our strength clinic program, new patients are required to undergo an initial consultation with our exercise physiologist who will determine your suitability to commence a regular exercise program. This consultation involves discussing your medical and exercise history, medications, current lifestyle behaviours, goal setting, and fully assessing your functional capacity. The information gathered from your initial assessment is used as a baseline measure to compare future reassessments and initiate your treatment plan.

All eligible patients are able to access our Strength Clinic Program providing the following criteria is met:

  • initial consultation completed with Exercise Physiologist
  • patient has presented with a relative chronic condition or multiple conditions
  • medical clearance is obtain if requested by your practitioner

Should I bring anything to my exercise physiology clinic session?

Prior to attending your session please ensure you have prepared the follow if possible:

  • wear appropriate exercise attire that does not restrict your movement
  • enclosed shoes must be worn at all times
  • adequate hydration
  • supply your own towel for hygiene purposes
  • regular health status updates

Rescheduling Policy

Your reserved consultation time has been specifically allocated to you. To achieve maximum improvement in the shortest possible timeframe, it is vital that you maintain your advised schedule of care.

If you are unable to make your appointment time, a minimum of 24 hours notice is expected for exercise physiology and strength clinic appointments. This enables us to make the appointment available to someone who really needs to come in for care. A courtesy phone call to reschedule your appointment is appreciated, otherwise you will incur a rescheduling fee for the full amount of the service you originally requested. We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

How to make a booking?

(02) 9687 7385 bookings@healthandexercise.com.au     Book Online

If emailing, please provide your full name and mobile number to enable us to complete your booking. You will receive an email and phone call to confirm your booking request. You will also receive a courtesy SMS reminder the day before your appointment. Our strength clinic program is currently not available for online bookings.