Boxing Classes

  • Our boxing classes in Parramatta provide fitness training for individuals looking to improve their cardiovascular fitness and level of strength. Boxing is more than simply an upper body workout. If performed with correct technique you will feel every muscle in your body working.

    Laying down the basic foundations is essential as this will give you the tools necessary to complete a well structured workout. Boxing is renowned for being a high energy burning form of exercise as there is constant movement using large muscle groups.

    If you are looking for a dynamic workout that will challenge you every time this may be your answer. Boxing workouts can accommodate for all levels of strength and fitness and individuals are able to work to their own potential. Our classes will require you to work with a partner, which means one person will pad while the other boxes. Work phases usually run for 3 to 4 minute rounds with multiple interchanges during a class.

    Benefits of BoxingBoxing_Parramatta

    • muscle toning
    • lowering body fat
    • improve reflexes
    • improve hand and eye coordination
    • increase in upper body strength
    • enhance your balance and flexibility

    Heart Rate Zone and Calorie Expenditure

    The activity graph below displays heart rate data using myzone technology collected from one of our members who recently attended our boxing class. This system uses a innovative heart rate monitor to track and log your workout data by transmitting your information to your online account. Maximum heart rate (MHR) is calculated and percentages are allocated to the appropriate colour representing each target heart rate zone. The activity bar chart below displays the heart rate zones that were reached and sustained during each round of boxing. This member achieved a peak heart rate of 163 beats per minute (bpm) which reflects 92% of their MHR. A total of 463 calories were burnt during this 45 minute boxing session.

    • grey = 50% – 60% max HRboxing-heart-rate-zone
    • blue = 60% – 70% max HR
    • green = 70% – 80% max HR
    • yellow = 80% – 90% max HR
    • red = 90% – 100% max HR


    Boxing classes are limited to 14 participants to ensure classes run efficiently. To maximise the benefits of boxing we recommend you attend a couple of classes each week in conjunction with an aerobic and strength training program. Back to Basics Health and Exercise has a number of classes available which run for 45 to 60 minutes in duration. Please contact our friendly staff on 9687 7385 to book in your next class!

    Prior to Commencing Boxing

    • for hygiene purposes, all participants are require to wear inners (available for purchase)
    • wear appropriate attire to perform exercise
    • bring sufficient hydration


    • All boxing is done in a controlled environment under qualified supervision therefore your risk of injury is minimal
    • If you suffer from weak wrists we suggest to invest in some wrist supports for extra protection
    • Prior to start of class, please inform the instructor if you have any injuries, illness or any chance of being pregnant


    Boxing Classes
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