Abs Training

  • Our Abs class in Parramatta is a 30 minute floor based class designed to specifically isolate your abdominal muscles to improve your core strength, endurance and spinal health. You will experience a ‘burn’ in your abdominal muscles that will leave you craving more. This class is designed for all levels of fitness.

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    Improving the function of your core is essential in preventing, treating and managing acute and chronic episodes of lower back pain. Reducing your level of activity has shown to worsen symptoms and result in poor patient outcomes. Current research has shown that complete bed rest will exacerbate your symptoms and slow your rate of recovery. However, maintaining normal activity despite some pain will significantly influence your recovery.3

    One important risk factor for lower back pain is weakness of superficial (close to surface) trunk and abdominal muscles,1-2 and strengthening of these muscles is often associated with significant improvements in chronic lower back pain, as well as with decreased functional disability.

    Benefits of Training AbsAbs_Classes_Parramatta

    • Improve core strength
    • Enhance spinal and pelvic stability
    • Reduce lower back discomfort
    • Improve mobilisation of lumbar spine
    • Learn correct breathing under muscular contraction

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    Abs classes are limited to 14 participants to ensure classes run efficiently and allows our instructors to give everyone a bit of extra attention. We recommend participating in some additional aerobic exercise and strength training to compliment the effects gained from this class. Back to Basics® Health and Exercise has a number of classes available which run for 30 to 60 minutes in duration. Please contact our friendly staff on 9687 7385 to book in your next class!

    Prior to Commencing Abs Class

    • for hygiene reason, please ensure you supply your own towel
    • wear appropriate attire to perform exercise
    • bring sufficient hydration


    • all abdominal exercises performed during the class are done in a controlled environment under qualified supervision
    • if you are currently suffering from lower back pain and would like to participate in Abs class, please contact one of our Exercise Physiologists prior to engaging in this type of exercise.
    • prior to start of class, please inform the instructor if you have any injuries, illness or any chance of being pregnant


    Abs Training
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